Barn Rooster Weathervane

Barn Rooster Weathervane

Our Large Barn Rooster Weathervane is an iconic design that perfectly captures the spirit of country charm. With its lifelike rooster shape, this weathervane has a commanding presence and proudly stands tall in any garden or outdoor space. The weathervane is sure to add a touch of rustic charm to your home, barn, farmhouse or estate. With its timeless design and intricate details, our Barn Rooster Weathervane will be admired for years to come! So give your garden an eye-catching centerpiece with this classic piece of decor, perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of nature.


  • Barn rooster weathervane with arrow
  • An assembly rod
  • Solid brass directionals 15″L x 3″H (N, S, E, W)
  • Two copper globes (2″ and 4″)


  • Assembled size: 38″L x 61″H x 23″W
  • Figure-only size: 38″L x 38″H x 4″W
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