Sailboat Cottage Weathervane with Mount

Sailboat Cottage Weathervane with Mount

This Sailboat Weathervane is the perfect piece of art to add a touch of coastal charm to your home or garden. Offering practical guidance and beautiful design, this weather vane features an intricately crafted yawl sailboat atop its traditional arrow. Constructed from durable copper, it will withstand even the harshest weather conditions and remain a timeless fixture in your outdoor space. Not only will it keep you informed of stormy winds, but it will also remind you of the beauty of the open sea. So treat yourself to our Yawl Sailboat Weathervane today and feel the salty sea breeze in your sails!


  • Sailboat Cottage Weathervane
  • Choice of mounting assembly: An all-weather roof mount for installing directly onto your roof, or a cupola installation rod for installing inside Good Directions cupolas.
  • An assembly rod
  • Solid brass directionals 11″L x 3″H (N, S, E, W)
  • Two copper globes (2″ and 4″)


  • Assembled size: 21″L x 28″H x 11″W
  • Figure-only size: 21″L x 10.5″H x 3″W
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