Witch Cottage Weathervane with Mount

Witch Cottage Weathervane with Mount

Step into a world of magic with our Witch Cottage Weathervane with Mount! This enchanting copper creation is a true masterpiece, featuring a witch soaring through the sky on her broomstick. This weathervane is a beautiful addition to your outdoor decor and a symbol of adventure and excitement. Every gust of wind will bring a smile to your face as you watch the witch take flight. With its durable construction, you can enjoy its charm for years to come, always pointing you toward new directions. Get ready to cast a spell with this delightful weathervane!


  • Witch Cottage Weathervane
  • Choice of mounting assembly: An all-weather roof mount for installing directly onto your roof, or a cupola installation rod for installing inside Good Directions cupolas.
  • An assembly rod
  • Solid brass directionals 11″L x 3″H (N, S, E, W)
  • Two copper globes (2″ and 4″)


  • Assembled size: 16″L x 27″H x 11″W
  • Figure-only size: 16″L x 14″H x 3″W
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