Blue Verde Copper Whale Weathervane

Blue Verde Copper Whale Weathervane

Bring the beauty of the ocean to your outdoor space with our magnificent White Copper Whale Weathervane! This handcrafted copper weathervane captures the essence of one of the earth’s most remarkable creatures – whales. It’s not just a functional piece for your home but also a symbol of your love for nature and a commitment to protecting our planet’s wildlife. Whether you’re a passionate environmentalist or simply appreciate stunning works of art, this weathervane is a must-have addition to your outdoor decor. So go ahead, add a touch of the sea to your home, and make a statement with our Save the Whales™ Weathervane!


  • Save the Whales™ Weathervane
  • 2-piece assembly rod
  • Solid brass directionals 15″L x 3″H (N, S, E, W)
  • Two copper globes (2″ and 4″)


  • Assembled size: 23″L x 30″H x 15″W
  • Figure-only size: 23″L x 12″H x 1.5″W
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