Copper Rooster Weathervane

Copper Rooster Weathervane

Unleash your inner daring with our magnificent Copper Rooster Weathervane! Bring your roof to life with this copper masterpiece, symbolizing strength and courage. With its beady eyes shining through the sun and tail feathers gracefully dancing in the wind, this rooster adds a natural beauty to your home. Impress your guests and make a statement with this unique addition to your rooftop. Try out this Rooster Weathervane today!


  • Rooster Weathervane
  • 2-piece assembly rod
  • Solid brass directionals 18″L x 3″H (N, S, E, W)
  • Two copper globes (2″ and 4″)


  • Assembled size: 25″L x 40″H x 18″W
  • Figure-only size: 25″L x 18.5″H x 4″W
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